Boss Raja (2016) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sarath Kumar, Nayanthara | Hindi Action Movie 2016

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The movie starts in 1970s, where there is heavy drought in southern districts of Tamil Nadu. Ayyadurai (Sarath Kumar) and Madasami (Napolean) are land lords in Tenkasi town in Tirunelveli district and they try hard to help people and save them dying during drought. Local MLA (OAK Sundar), also a relative of Madasami smuggles rice given by the government and people protest knowing about this. But MLA starts shooting towards people and Ayyadurai beats the MLA following which he dies. But the local people support Ayyadurai and save him from police and also urges him to contest in the assembly elections.

Now the movie comes to the present, where Ayyadurai has been the MLA of Tenkasi for more than 35 years. His son Chelladurai (Sarath Kumar) also helps his father for the welfare of the people. Selvi (Nayathara) is the daughter of Madasami and she loves Chelladurai. Meanwhile, Karuppasami (Prakash Raj) is the son of the MLA killed by Ayyadurai and wants to take revenge by killing Ayyadurai. Selvi proposes her love to Chelladurai but he does not accept saying that it might result in clashes between their families as they both belong to different castes. Also there comes a flash back where it is shown that Chelladurai’s marriage with Malavika got cancelled a few years back as she eloped with her lover on the day of marriage which made Chelladurai feel embarrassed and he preferred to stay unmarried.

Selvi informs about her love to both families and they decide to get them married. Now Karuppasami plays trick to separate both Ayyadurai and Madasami. He sends a police on the day of marriage, saying that Selvi is a minor and it is illegal to get her married before 18 years of age. Ayyadurai accepts that and informs Madasami to postpone the wedding. This angers Madasami and he believes that the police was sent only by Ayyadurai to cancel the marriage as both of them belonged to different castes. Karuppasami uses this opportunity to get close to Madasami and makes him the evidence for the murder of his MLA father a few years back by Ayyadurai. Police arrests Ayyadurai. Now Karuppasami plans to murder Madasami, and blame Chelladurai for that, so that Karupasami can get votes and win the MLA election. But before that, Chelladurai does not nominate for contesting in election and he meets Karupasami and says that let him become the MLA as he is also a good natured man and his anger is only on Ayyadurai and not on the people of the town. Karupasami realizes his mistake and apologizes to Ayyadurai and Chelladurai for all his criminal activities. But Ayyadurai prefers to stay in prison as he still feels guilty of murdering Karupasami’s father years ago. Also Chelladurai and Selvi get married to each other.

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