Back to Work Dog Groomer Essentials - Must-Have Products

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In this video Tori talks through the products we would recommend for returning back to work, covering personal, seasonal, and equipment that are must-haves!

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Items talked about:
Invirtu Foam Hand Sanitiser- https://bit.ly/2SYndF2
Advanced Groomer Care Enriched Hand Cream- https://bit.ly/3brHMQA
Showseason Roll On’s- https://bit.ly/2AgfWKg
Groom Professional Modena Grooming Jacket Pink - https://bit.ly/3fGAaNs
Bye Bye Buzz Shampoo- https://bit.ly/2zy2FfG
Bye Bye Buzz Spray - https://bit.ly/2YZNfvt
Groom Professional Tick Remover - https://bit.ly/3fGmeD7
Groom Professional Double Row Flea Comb - https://bit.ly/2WRKDNF
Tropiclean Natural Flea & Tick Plus Soothing Shampoo- https://bit.ly/2LoeHey
Groom Professional Colognes - https://bit.ly/2WqlVoI
Groom Professional Scissor Cylinder - https://bit.ly/2Wn04OJ
Groom Professional Tool Caddy - https://bit.ly/2LkZjzp
Groom Professional Klip Well- https://bit.ly/2Lo9aV3
Groom Professional 4 in 1 Spray - https://bit.ly/2yFwUS8
Groom Professional Blade Length Chart - https://bit.ly/2LngekQ

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