Rainmaker (the voice within)

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The official video of Diztord "Rainmaker (the voice within)
Special guest: K4L Maskinisten
Music / Lyrics : Diztord, Jan Nilsson
Filmed by Akham , Håkan and Bengan
The additional clips are from the Swedish movie "1% den inre rösten (the voice within). Director Jesper Sanneving.

Diztord proudly presents "Rainmaker (The voice Within)", which will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Swedish movie "1 % (the voice within)". The video to the song features K4L Maskinisten, and some of the footage in the video is taken from an unpublished documentary about his life. Additionally, some of the clips in the video are taken from the movie that, among others, will feature David Labrava, star from the hit show ”Sons of Anarchy”. Thanks to everyone involved!

vije productions:

”Rainmaker” (the voice within)

Some follow what they think
is written in the stars
Instead of following their
own beating hearts

Some hope their prayers are
carried by the winds
Instead of listening
to the voice within

I do not subscribe to God
Religion is not for me
I do not believe in fate
Nor new age philosophy

If only the fittest will survive
Nothing is meant to be
On a board without rules
I create my own destiny

I don´t need no rainmaker, no, I don´t need no rainmaker

From my first breath
And I guess until the grave
I am being tossed up and down
In unrelenting waves

The resistance that never ever sleeps
Emotions of doubt
Running ocean deep

I don´t need no rainmaker, no, I don´t need no rainmaker

The quiet desperation
The engine of my soul
Got to keep on digging
Got to fill that god damn hole

Here is my ideology
Never surrender
Never give in
Never at all
In great or small

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