Radio France Internationale news content accused of being Beijing propaganda

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The Ministry of Education’s radio station is under fire for broadcasting pro-Beijing news content produced by Radio France Internationale. Local listeners complain that the French outlet’s news content has the tone of pro-China propaganda. On Tuesday, an official at the Ministry of Education’s radio station said it had already suspended the syndicated content and will assess its continuation.

When he was asked about Radio France Internationale, education minister Pan Wen-chung did not react to questioning and made his way quickly past the doors. The education ministry is under fire, after its radio station was found to be airing Radio France International content with a pro-China tone.

This is an Oct. 16 report by Radio France Internationale, which was aired on Taiwan’s National Education Radio. It was about Chinese state media’s TV report on Taiwan spies, and it cited editorials from pro-China news outlets. It also condemned the Tsai administration for its treatment of Chinese student Zhou Hongxu, who was convicted of spying for Beijing in Taiwan. A separate report touts Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s carbon neutral policy. Local listeners have accused the station of airing propaganda that denigrates Taiwan from the perspective of Beijing. They said the reports seemed geared toward brainwashing Taiwan’s public and appeared to originate from China itself.

Wu Szu-yao
DPP lawmaker
This is a single case. It is a warning sign. It indicates that China’s infiltration of Taiwan media has long been a hidden reality. Now, a case has burst into the fore. In the future, if we have the people’s support, we will take extraordinary measures during these extraordinary times, to implement the necessary controls.

Lee Fang-chi
National Education Radio deputy chief
We do educational and cultural programming. Basically, we don’t touch political issues much at all. We have suspended the broadcast of this program. We will set up an auditing task force. After we carry out a careful evaluation of this program, we will decide whether to continue our cooperation with Radio Taiwan International.

According to officials, the news program is a collaboration between Radio Taiwan International and Radio France Internationale. It is then rebroadcast on National Education Radio for educational purposes. Amid the political controversy, the station says it will reevaluate the broadcast.

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