Losi 1/10th Rock Rey - Horizon Insider Bash Session

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Losi 1/10th Rock Rey - Horizon Insider Bash Session

All-Terrain Terror: The 1/10th scale Losi Rock Rey is a fantastic basher for any/all circumstance! This Horizon Insider Bash Session briefly highlights some of the features/benefits of the "Rey" platform in addition to showing some quick/fun park bashing!

The Rock Rey is a powered by a brushless motor/ESC capable of handling almost any 2S or 3S LiPo battery pack with EC3/IC3 connector. The drivetrain is full-time 4WD based around a 2.2" wheel/tire combination. It's design is simple, yet scale, featuring an independent front suspension paired with a solid 4-link rear-end. The vehicle is waterproof, features LED Lighting, benefits from AVC technology (active vehicle control), and is capable of 40+ mph (Kyle lied in the video, it doesn't go 50... in "stock" form).

Learn more about the 1/10 Rock Rey 4WD Brushless RTR with AVC: https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/1-10-rock-rey-4wd-brushless-rtr-with-avc/LOS03009.html

Relevant Video Content:
- Product Video - Losi 1/10 Rock Rey 4WD RTR with AVC: https://youtu.be/jo_hLVehOIo
- Horizon Insider Tech Talk - Full-Option Losi Ford Raptor Rey Ultimate Scale Build: https://youtu.be/NbRmU11ENWM
- Product Video - Losi® 2018 Ford Raptor Baja Rey®: 1/10 RTR 4WD Desert Racer: https://youtu.be/NbRmU11ENWM

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