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Wolfoo and Compilation Funny Stories About Toilet: Wolfoo wants to go to the toilet to the point he can't able to hold it anymore, but Wolfoo always encounters ironic situations: The toilet is broken, queue to go to the toilet,...
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The episodes in video:
02:57 Wolfoo Can't Hold Any Longer
05:57 Don't Choose the Wrong Toilet with Wolfoo
08:46 Yes Yes Admit My Mistake - Yes Yes, Go Potty!
11:10 Yes Yes, Poo Poo ? Wolfoo! Flush Toilet After Using
14:00 Yes Yes Go Potty ?- Wolfoo's Potty Training
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Producer - Ly Tran
Director - An Nguyen
Scriptwriter - Bich Nguyen
Artist - Duc Nguyen, Tan Pham, Ngan Nguyen
Animator - Khang Le, Linh Pham, Thuong Nguyen, Hieu Dinh, Hop Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Ngoc Nguyen, Nhung Nguyen
Compositor - Linh Nguyen

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