Check Out THIS Freak Custom Road Bike Build

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Is this the most bizarre custom road bike build you've ever seen? That is the question we are posing in this video, as Neill Stanbury (the expert bike fitter) shares with us one of the most unusual projects he's been involved in after 10 years of fitting road cyclists.

Prova Cycles from Melbourne - who are specialists in custom steel and titanium bikes - put this frame together, despite the geometry challenges that came with it. Mark from Prova Cycles recalls Chris saying ' this definitely wont be the bike you post on Instagram', after they started the project together.

From Chris:

About me. 188cm. 80kg. 10mm lift to right shoe, the most influential change that was made. No more saddle sores, lower back pain to ITB issues from stopping the twisting. The increased length of the bike has eliminated my tight neck and shoulders and centered my weight much more evenly between the wheels. Before there was far too much weight over the front axle as I flatten my back no matter what the position of the handlebars which greatly increases my effective torso length and therefore the weight over the front. My bike position is very fluid depending on how much I'm riding and where. Fewer hills and I prefer a long position with a 120mm stem, more climbing, and technical descending and I run a 100mm as I'm running currently.
I've only been back on the bike for a few months and my position will undoubtedly change as my strength is regained and hopefully my flexibility increases a little more, too much computer time of late.

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