Pokémon Bus Tour Ep.2: Camping, Curry, and Cards with Clare Siobhán!

Просмотров: 10 710 • 21.10.2020
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Check out the Explore Galar travel guide here: https://bit.ly/33X3zPR

In this episode, our trainee Trainers Sam and Mark take their first steps into the Wild Area—guided by Clare Siobhán! Join them in their Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield playthrough as they brush up on their camping skills, cook up some delicious curry, and—fingers crossed—maybe even evolve their Scorbunny.

Come for the curry, and stay for more Pokémon TCG action and to discover whether Sam and Mark manage to get any closer to spotting a real-life Pikachu in the UK!

Check back every week for a new episode! Complete playlist here: https://bit.ly/315oRci

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