Live at 7PM | इस्लाम में महिला का स्थान | #Islam #Women | Neeraj Atri & Sanjay Dixit

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Women in Islam have a religiously ordained inferior position. She is not just property, but it is proper to beat her, she must submit to sex whenever demanded, she has half the value as a witness, half the inheritance, and a non-Muslim woman is subject to rape rights of the conquering faithfuls. According to Hadis, the very existence as a woman is accursed, as most of the occupants of hell are going to be women, for no fault of theirs, because in Islam, people do not get their position because of their karma, but because of Allah's will. The question naturally arises as to how can Allah escape responsibility for the woman's character, which is so despised in the Shariat.

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