Q-pop Stars Ninety One React to Indian Artists (Madame Gandhi, Dopeadelicz, Prabh Deep and more)

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This series highlights India's alternative music scene and features various artists making waves outside of the mainstream sphere.

We asked Kazakh pop group #NinetyOne to check out some of the most prominent artists in India's alternative music scene. The musicians featured are Indian-American artist Madame Gandhi, Mumbai-based hip-hop crew Dopeadelicz, Nagaland musicians Joshua Shohe & Zonimong Imchen and Punjabi rapper Prabh Deep with Kashmiri rapper Ahmer and New Delhi producer Sez On The Beat.

Stream Ninety One's new EP '91': https://open.spotify.com/album/6a68TfY4kxE6snJo8AK2Vq?si=RZkXqpQjTDya8lKnADuSzQ

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Artists featured:

Madame Gandhi, "Waiting For Me": https://youtu.be/-bNdmBeQHI4

Dopeadelicz, "Aai Shapath Saheb Me Navtho": https://youtu.be/hf9mBIwdQnw

Joshua Shohe & Zonimong Imchen, "Never Let You Down": https://youtu.be/50IeoWKsMv4

Ahmer, Sez On The Beat, Prabh Deep, "Elaan": https://youtu.be/Ra0jm7CXudY

Producer and editor: Riddhi Chakraborty (@thisisridz)
Footage courtesy of Juz Entertainment

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